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Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 8 : Demagog

Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 8 : Demagog

With a seemingly deranged Piers in custody, and a guilt-ridden Gwen in self-imposed exile, the team’s early victories seem all for naught. As they hide out in Holoworld, Anneka bites off a little more than she can chew, and a dangerous and powerful new weapon is discovered, one whose use could threaten the fabric of reality and bring about consequences surely monumental and potentially dire. A seemingly harmless gift proves mischievous and troublesome, after it inspires a disastrous excursion by Cameron and Roya, and puts the fledgling and tenuous comradeship of the four Avatars in grave jeopardy. Bonds must reinforce, or else be broken forever, in Faerworld: Daughters of Time, Episode Eight: Demagog.