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Our Mission

We believe that it is a gift to be able to create, that being an artist is a blessing and a privilege. Our mission is to express any and all artistic and creative output to which we contribute in its fullest, most positive, and highest vibrational way.

We believe that art has a unique ability to create moments of transformation and transcendence. We believe that what we are creating at BlueDorian, both in its essence and its expression, has the power to heal, to connect, and to empower. Out goal is to harness that power to help as many as possible.

To that end, we will allocate a percentage of our profits towards supporting activities that create a more luminous, more enlivened world, activities such as: environmental stewardship and sustainability research; health and wellness research; poverty alleviation; education; intercultural understanding; and personal and spiritual exploration.

We intend that our support of these activities be more than toekn. We will set the allocated percentage of profits to be high from day one, to demonstrate our commitment to acts of service through our creative endeavors, regardlessof their scope and size. Our goal is that all of our creative endeavors be fully self-supporting, so that one hundred percent of your profits can go towards creating a brighter world.

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