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Never Tired of You

Released: December 13th 2011
Label: BlueDorian Records
Music & Lyrics by Adam Farouk

Vocal, Keyboards: Adam Farouk
Guitars: Duke Levine
Bass Guitar: Jeremy Curtis
Drums: Jeff Berlin
Percussion: Crit Harmon

Produced by: Adam Farouk (BlueDorian Sound), Crit Harmon (Crit's Cave & Q Division Studios)
Mixed by: Jon Lupfer (Q Division Studios)
Mastered by: Ian Kennedy (New Alliance East)

Artwork & Design by: Jay Nungesser
Photography by: Sarah Fantom Photography
Invaluable Assistance: Elizabeth Geuss, Andrew Goldin
Music, Lyrics, Sound Recording, Artwork & Design © 2011 BYIP Creative Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Administered by: BlueDorian Music (BMI) (BlueDorian Media Entertainment)
Marketed and Distributed by BlueDorian Records (BlueDorian Media Entertainment)

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Made in the USA