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Apochrypha Enigmatis : Issue One : Eight Years

A mystical guidebook, brimming with facts, particulars, and miscellany about the petite, moon-surrounded planet known as Faerworld, the Apochrypha Enigmatis is a must-have title for the collection of any who consider themselves an intrepid explorer and connoisseur of people, places, and things. Presenting its seemingly infinite catalog of entries in story form, Apochrypha ensures that its readers, whether the casual wanderer, new to Faerworld’s shores, or else the veteran traveler, well familiar with its wind- swept peaks and sandy shoals, are entertained as well as informed. Let your curiosity guide you; befriend a copy today! Issue #1: Eight Years, in which one young woman’s traumatic past—abduction, enslavement, and return to freedom—is brought to light.