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Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 1 : Princess

Season 1, Episode 1 by Adam Farouk

The breathtaking inaugural title of the Faerworld Universe, Daughters of Time (DoT) is a fantasy-superhero epic series chronicling the adventures and coming-of-age of a group of four extraordinary young women, each chosen to represent a season of time, as members of an alliance of heroic teams known as the Legionarium. Plucked from lives where their fates were written for them, Gwen, Cameron, Roya, and Anneka soon find themselves on the front line of cataclysmic events, as galactic invaders threaten to swallow up the passage of time itself, in a quest for perfection. Ready or not, these four must bring to bear all their combined courage, power, strength, and compassion, and take their place as the heroes and leaders they are, to defeat an enemy the likes of which their world has never seen, and to steer their realm and all others surrounding it into a new, united, and more enlivened era.

“I will to love and protect this fair world from any who might wish it harm, This shall be my will unbending; my oath and vow ’til the end of time.”

–Daughters of Time Oath (abridged); from Istoricus Marinicus, Thomas Easton