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Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 3: Champion

Season 1, Episode 3 by Adam Farouk

Faerworld: Daughters of Time continues with Episode Three: Champion. The emergent peril facing Eyrova takes a turn for the deadly, and Gwen is forced into confrontation with her own mentor and leader, Spring Avatar Mai Lin. Meanwhile, Roya is reticent to heed the call of her own heroism, and Anneka finds herself feeling betrayed by the one friend she thought she could always count on. As the three—Gwen, Roya, and Anneka—find themselves in over their heads aboard the skyship Orbus, Gwen must sacrifice it all in order to call forth the iron-willed presence known as Cameron, the Autumn Prime, who may well be the only option, if the young women are to survive the night.