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Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 4 : Forged

Faerworld: Daughters of Time, Episode Four:

Forged, wherein the Autumn Primearrives, the Orbus is put through its paces, and Gwen takes her place as Champion ofher legion. Summoned midway through the Battle of the Orbus, Cameron, the AutumnPrime, immediately takes charge, bringing with her a no-nonsense style of leadershipthat automatically causes her and Roya to butt heads. It will take some deft diplomacy,as well as nerves of steel, to bring these two together and turn this crew of misfits into ateam that is functional, much less one that is effective. Meanwhile, Anneka agrees totake refuge in Morundine, Arcturus recruits an unlikely ally, and Piers deals with a heavydose of survivor guilt