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Songs from Ray of Sunshine

Released: September 24th 2021
Artist: Adam Farouk Orchestra
Label: BlueDorian Records
Music & Lyrics by Adam Farouk


Renée Dupuis - Sunshine
Derek Dupuis - Ray
Elizabeth Lorrey - Maggie
Michael Kassatly - Dredd
Dave Lieb - Brown


Keyboards: Adam Farouk
Guitars, percussion: Anthony J. Resta
Guitars: Elizabeth Lorrey
Guitars: Dave Lieb
Bass guitar: Tim Reppert
Drums, percussion: Andrew Jones
Drums, percussion: Jeff Berlin

Produced by: Adam Farouk (BlueDorian Sound), Anthony J. Resta (Studio Bopnique)
Mixed by: Karyadi Sutedja (Studio Bopnique)
Mastered by: Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)

Artwork & Design by: Jaka Mural
Invaluable assistance: Elizabeth Geuss, Andrew Goldin, Ray Tarantola, Valerie Lovely, Chad Lord and the WhatArmy team

Music, Lyrics, Sound Recording, Artwork & Design © 2021 BYIP
Creative Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Administered by: BlueDorian Music (BMI) (BlueDorian Media
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