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Daughters of Time, Season 1, Episode 2: Snowmaker

Season 1, Episode 2 by Adam Farouk

Faerworld: Daughters of Time continues with the introduction of the Snowmaker, a powerful winter goddess of the northern kingdoms, whose rare appearance—once every five hundred years—should be nothing if not cause for joy. Alas, the present embodiment of winter’s precious gifts is a girl named Roya, a spoiled, wayward, rebel-without-a-cause troublemaker who also happens to be heir to her throne. Meanwhile, differences over how to deal with the monstrous threat that faces Eyrova cause schism within the Legionarium, and the truth about Gwen’s abilities, as well as her secret relationship with the outlaw Phil, threaten to be brought to light by the shadow of treachery at the very highest echelons of Caderasi government.